Speech Therapy Tucson

We specialize in autism therapy, social skills groups for autism, feeding therapy, speech therapy, baby speech development and AAC devices

Parent Training

Jenny’s Speech is a proud supporter of the Tucson Alliance for Autism and the Autism Society of Southern Arizona

Give Your Child A Boost

Summer program for kids taught by Speech Language Pathologists

3-to-1 Teacher/child ratio

My child already gets OT and Speech Therapy at his school, but we wanted something extra.

My child started about 7 months ago and her whole world has changed for the better.

-P. Valdez, 5 Stars on Facebook

I love that I’m involved in the sessions and know what we need to work on at home.

What is Jenny’s Clinic?

Jenny’s Clinic is a warm, friendly place that provides individualized pediatric speech therapy and occupational therapy in Tucson, Az. We offer classes for toddlerssocial skills classes for autism and articulation theray. Currently short waiting lists for occupational therapy and speech therapy evaluations.

Who Can Benefit from Speech Therapy?

Children birth through 18 years-old of all backgrounds, and their parents, can benefit from enrolling in our classes or therapies with our  experienced and passionate group of speech therapists.

 How to Get Started?

Schedule an evaluation or individual phone consultation with a Jenny’s speech language pathologist or occupational therapist by calling 520-989-9799 or clicking on the 1-on-1 Consultation button.

Popular Speech and Language Questions Answered

Our most popular FAQ questions answered by two of Jenny's  speech therapists.




Accelerate Learning with a Specialist

Frustrated with slow results or too little individual attention? Children who receive speech therapy and occupational therapy with Jenny's specialists are promised child-centered sessions that get effective results. During therapy kids have fun while improving their skills at the same time.  Parents leave each therapy session with a home plan so that the learning continues beyond our speech and language center.






Maura Castellanos, M.A. CCC-SLP

Therapy Director / Speech Therapist

Just a few of the school districts where we provided therapy that worked

Satisfied Clients

M. Hererra, Tucson Both my boys have stuttered since they could talk. When I heard about Jenny's Clinic, I decided to get them evaluated. The speech pathologists are supportive, and we were given strategies to use at home. It’s working, and I appreciate their hard work in helping my boys become fluent speakers!
Christina, Tucson My son is attending one-on-one sessions with Maura at the speech and language center. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Maura has given me simple strategies to work with my son at home. I am confident in the staff at Jenny's Clinic to work with my son and improve his speech skills.