Sensory Friendly Movies Tucson

Sensory friendly movies are movies that are shown in a “sensory friendly” environment that allow children with ASD, Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other child who enjoys getting-up, moving or talking during the movie to be allowed to do so.  Many parents feel they […]

Autism Society of Southern Arizona Speaker Series

A journey from diagnosis through college and (hopefully) beyond: One family’s perspective

Autism now is prevalent in the US in 1 out of 62 children. Those who are high functioning, may have the ability to seek post high school education in a College or University […]

Picky Eaters : 3 Easy Strategies from Feeding Therapy

By Abby Ziegler, MA.-CCC-SLP

I think most of us can agree that eating has long been a positive experience that we look forward to at any given point of the day. Just like walking and talking, we often take this skill of viewing mealtimes as […]

How to Teach Kids with Autism the Concept of an Easter Egg Hunt

 If you’re a family that celebrates a part of this season with an egg hunt, and you’re like us – a family with a kid on the autism spectrum that has verbal processing difficulties – you’re might wonder about the best way to convey […]

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Upcoming Autism Training for Parents

Jenny’s Clinic recommends the upcoming autism training for parents of young children ( 4 – 7 years-old ) taught by in Phoenix on March 8-10th.   On the first day of the training, presenters Ryan Hendrix and Kari Zweber Palmer will address strategies to help […]

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Identify the Signs of Speech Language Disorders

Technology today is getting better and better. Now we have some excellent PSA videos from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association, ASHA, and Autism Speaks that address early signs for speech-language disorders and autism.  Both very difficult subjects to understand in a minute and 30 […]

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