Live, Convenient and Effective

Online Speech Therapy

Online speech therapy is an easy and proven solution for common communication disorders.

How Does It Work?

Live Online Connection

Parents and kids connect through online platform and use speakers or a wireless headset to hear therapist while being free to work with their child.

45 Minute Sessions

45 minute sessions are scheduled with 35 minutes of therapy time and 10 minutes writing the weekly plan. With the guidance of the therapist, parents will write a goal to use one strategy through out their everyday routine during the week.

Complete Session Goals

Each session your speech therapist will target 1-3 strategies to focus on while you interact with your child. You will review the strategies each week with your therapist.

Visual Schedule

Kids work well with visual schedules. Jenny’s provides each parent with a visual schedule with 20 picture icons.


Sensory Breaks

What do you do when your child needs a short break during the session? Jennys provides 20 picture icons and sensory regulating behaviors for your child to pick from when they need a break.

Sticker Chart

Just like at our clinic, Jenny’s provides each child with cool a sticker chart and stickers. At the completion of each sessions, kids are rewarded with their personalized sticker and prize after 6 completed sessions.


How Do I Get Started?


Step 1 : Schedule A FREE Consultation

Call 520-989-9799 to schedule an interview.
We will set-up a FREE 15 minute interview to discuss your child and their situation

Step 2 : Create an Action Plan

An action plan based on your interview will be developed. Any previous evaluations or IEPs are welcome.

Step 3 : Choose a Therapy Package

1 Session $79

Includes 45 Minute Private Session

Action Plan Emailed (Following Session)

3 Sessions $200

Includes 3 x  45 Minute Private Sessions

Action Plan Emailed (Following Session)


For families interested in DDD speech services, Jenny’s sister company, VOCES, accepts DDD referrals.


– Jenny’s Speech