Autism Diagnosis in Tucson ? ( Today )

Where do you go to get an autism diagnosis in Tucson?  Jenny’s interviewed Brie Seward, the associate director of the Autism Society of Southern Arizona, about what steps a family must take in order to receive an autism diagnosis evaluation from a medical provider.

Seward […]

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Study Reveals that Parent-Implemented Autism Intervention Works!

Guest Article

Lauren Lowry
Clinical Staff Writer and Hanen SLP

If you’ve read our articles about the role parents can play in language intervention, you’ll know that nowadays, parents are seen as partners with speech language professionals (SLPs). Instead of watching the SLP as she provides the […]

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What Children with Special Needs Bring to Families

Below is an excerpt from Dawn McMullan’s article, “The Happiness of Being Special.”
Rhoni Golden was chatting with her new housekeeper recently.  The housekeeper, referring to Rhoni’s 8-year-old son Gray, asked if she cried a lot.
Gray is severely autistic. Until the family brought an autism […]

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Treating a Toddler With Autism: Case Study #2

Treating a toddler with autism is common for speech therapists at Jenny’s Speech and Learning.
The Opportunity:
“Adam” was a 3 year-old boy who loved to play with his toys. In fact, Adam preferred his toys to playing with adults or other children. Adam had a […]

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iPad = Less Talking. The Effects of Young Children’s Screen Time

Guest Blog from The Hanen Centre

Brittany Da Silva
Clinical Program Assistant, The Hanen Centre

Please note that this article discusses young children using devices for the purpose of pleasure (e.g., watching videos, playing video games) and is not about children who use devices for the purpose […]

Autism Treatment for 3 year-old [Case Study]

Jenny’s Speech provides autism treatment in Tucson, AZ.  Below is one case study of a 3 year-old child with autism.
The Opportunity:
For the sake of this case study the child’s name has been changed to Steven.  Steven is a delightful blond haired boy with a […]