Expert Evaluation and Therapy at Jenny’s Clinic

At Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic, we are highly skilled in improving children’s speech, language and sensory integration skills.
  • Our therapy techniques use the most current and technologically advanced methods to ensure successful results.
  • Our collaboration with families extends the effectiveness of our clinic-based therapy
  • Our therapy sessions are child-centered, fun and motivating
  • We strive to see children in a timely manner – maintaining a short wait list and providing treatment sessions 1-2 times per week.

Consultations & Evaluation

To help you understand what interventions your child may need, we offer free initial phone consultations. We can then follow up with a 30-minute screening or comprehensive evaluation using the best techniques for diagnosis of autism and speech language disorders.

Read more about our consultations and expert evaluation.

Speech Therapy

Many children struggle with learning to speak or articulate speech sounds accurately. Diagnosis such as speech delay, Apraxia and developmental delay are treated by Jenny’s speech-language pathologists. At Jenny’s Clinic, we can help with specialized therapy for children with severe articulation disorders and language-based tutoring.

Find out more about our specialized speech therapy.

Classes & Workshops

Our workshops offer practical and creative ways to treat speech and socialization disorders. We offer a range of speech workshops and new music classes focused on speech sound development.

Learn more about our workshops and music classes.

Bilingual Therapy

We have native and near-native Spanish-speaking speech therapists with specialized training in bilingual assessment and treatment. We are uniquely able to determine if a bilingual child has a language disability or is going through the natural process of learning two languages.

Call us to schedule or refer our bilingual therapy: (520) 989-9799

Social Skills Therapy

Based on Social Thinking and the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and Pam Crooke, we provide help with social skills for children diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

Call us to schedule social skills therapy: (520) 989-9799

Alternative Communication Therapy

Jenny’s Clinic therapists specialize in providing therapy using augmentative and alternative communication, also known as AAC. These strategies include signing and gestures, as well as picture charts, books and special computers.

Learn more about our AAC specialty.

Speech Therapy for Toddlers

Working with toddlers requires a special skill-set.  We work with parents closely to make therapy sessions fun and effective.  At Jenny’s Clinic, we are committed to partnering with parents and other caregivers to ensure therapy is as effective as possible. We provide strategies and support so that parents can be actively involved in their child’s treatment, with daily homework assignments and creative methods for incorporating therapy into everyday interactions.

Read tips and strategies for parents on Jenny’s Blog

Why Choose Us?

  • Innovative Speech-Language Therapies
  • Intensive Sessions
  • Language-Based Academic Tutoring
  • Partnerships with Parents to Extend Therapy into the Home

Satisfied Clients

M. Hererra, Tucson Both my boys have stuttered since they could talk. When I heard about Jenny's Clinic, I decided to get them evaluated. The speech therapists are supportive, and we were given strategies to use at home. It’s working, and I appreciate their hard work in helping my boys become fluent speakers!
Christine, Tucson My son is atteding one-on-one sessions with Maura at Jenny's Speech and Learning Clinic. The staff is very friendly, knowledgable and professional. Maura has given me simple strategies to work with my son at home. I am confident in the staff at Jenny's Clinic to work with my son and improve his speech skills.