Free phone consultations

To help you understand what interventions your child may need, we offer free initial consultations by phone. Parents are encouraged to call Jenny’s to schedule a phone consultation.  If a speech therapist is available when you call we can do a phone consultation right then.

If you are unsure about scheduling a full evaluation we also provide 30-minute screenings for a reduced charge.  At this initial visit you are encouraged to bring any previous evaluations, IEPs or pertinent information. The 30-minute screening is a chance for you to ask questions and get expert opinions. We can follow up with a comprehensive evaluation if you are interested.

Contact us to schedule your 30-minute consultation



Autism Evaluation

We offer the “gold standard” of autism testing: the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS). At Jenny’s Clinic, our psychologists and speech-language pathologists have completed the requisite ADOS training. During the 30- to 45-minute ADOS test, we present the child with every-day social interactions, examine the child’s behavior in the interaction and record, categorize and code our observations, and score those quantitatively to make an accurate diagnosis. Parents are present during the evaluation and asked to bring a snack. Read more about our autism testing on Jenny’s blog.

Speech Evaluation

Drawing on our mission to use the latest and best technologies in the field of speech pathology, Jenny’s Clinic uses a revolutionary computer software program for diagnosing expressive language disorders with children. This program, called SALT (Systematic Analysis of Language Transcripts) is unique because it helps therapists offer age and developmental relevant tests to monolingual English-speaking children, monolingual Spanish-speaking children and Bilingual children.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a full evaluation with a licensed psychologist and speech-language pathologist