Making Feeding Time Pleasurable and Functional

Join experienced and knowledgeable team at Jenny’s Speech and Learning as they work 1-on1 with you and your child to make mealtime an enjoyable experience. Feeding therapy and swallowing therapy is a true collaborative effort between parent and therapist during “hands-on” sessions with their child. Introducing your child to news food and food textures.

Signs your child may need feeding therapy or swallowing therapy may include:

      • Refusing or fatiguing with food or liquids
      • Less than normal weight gain or growth
      • Difficulty chewing
      • Difficulty breast-feeding
      • Failure to accept or try new foods, textures, or tastes
      • Excessive drooling
      • Gagging, spitting up or vomiting
      • Excessively long feeding times
      • Difficulties with coordination of breathing and eating functions
      • Pediatrician recommends a feeding evaluation

Feeding Therapy at Jenny's Speech Clinic

A consistent, dedicated speech therapist for your child

 One-1-on-1 customized 45-minute sessions per week.

Target specific food textures each week.

Sessions are activity based and personalized to your child's individual feeding needs.

Experienced therapists make sessions fun and motivating for your child.

Parents observe feeding therapy sessions and learn strategies to use at home.

Jenny's Success Kit with home activities (valued at $20)

End-of-therapy recognition and personal graduate certificate.

If you see these signs in your child, contact us to schedule a 30-minute consultation with a licensed psychologist and speech-language pathologist to talk about the best options for diagnosis and therapy.

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