Improving ” R ” in 10 Months

“We always knew that Mara had some speech issues. But everyone keep on says she was so young and how cute it was. It wasn’t until it wasn’t cute anymore that we noticed she had a problem.  Some of the things that Maura has done that has been really inspirational for Mara: using different techniques we hadn’t thought about.  More importantly were the many different incentives that Muara had to make sure Mara was practicing.  It wasn’t just one thing it was lots of things.  It makes me really happy because she has made such great strides. People see her as a young mature girl.  I really wish we would of found Jenny’s Speech earlier for my daughter.”

A lot of Expertise and Love at Jenny’s

“We “shopped” other speech therapists, but found that the people at Jenny’s really knew how to connect with our spectrum kid. I am always impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of the office staff and the variety of therapists that make up their team. We truly feel a part of the family and our son has flourished being a member of the Jenny’s community. We also love the responsiveness whether it being bringing in specialists for unique lectures or creating classes where parents might have a need. There isn’t only a lot of expertise at Jenny’s, but there is a lot of love and that often makes a world of difference.” – D. Debouis

She wasn’t making much progress until weekly sessions

Our daughter has speech production problems and was receiving speech therapy from TUSD; however, she wasn’t making much progress so we decided to attend weekly sessions with Manal. There has been a huge improvemt in her speech! Many people have commented on it. I love that I’m involved in sessions and know what we need to work on at home. My daughter is much more confident in her speech and actually likes practicing at home! We have had an overall wonderful experience! – L. Thom

This is a very special place for our kids.

The GLAM classes and our teacher Ms. Maura have just brought out the love of music, dance and learning in my two boys (ages 5 & age 2). It is so amazing and hard to find a class they both love but we found it here! The CD’s Ms. Maura gave us have the boys singing all week long and practicing their sounds. My son Sebastian has autism and this has brought out the best in his love of song, dance and play. His brother, Julian loves singing and dancing alongside his big brother. It is a special bonding time with a wonderful teacher whose love of children shine! This is a very special place for our kids. – B. Seward

He Has Grown Tremendously in 8 months

My son started coming in December of 2015. We were both having a hard time with his communication skills. He would get so frustrated trying to tell me something and not being able to understand his needs made him cry. Since we began to see Manal she has made our line of communication so much easier. It is fascinating to see him practice on his own at home and he asks me daily if we are going to speech. His vocabulary has grown tremendously in the last 8 months. I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff, and Manal for welcoming us and helping my son become a boy of many words. – KA. Magnussen

Her Whole World has Changed for the Better

My daughter started therapy about 7 months ago and her whole world has changed for the better. Maura has done amazingly and now my daughter is communicating with others and loving life even more so. I believe that any child with any sort of problem can overcome anything by going to this wonderful place. It has changed my life, my daughter is happy and I couldn’t thank Maura enough. I am so very thankful.. – P. Valdez

I love it and my son loves it!

What a great place!!! I love it and my son loves it! Everyone is always courteous and very helpful. My son has had three different therapists at at different facilities in the past and his therapist at Jenny’s is by far the most helpful and knowledgeable therapist he has had! I also love the fact that she works with him in Spanish and English, we are a bilingual family and I’ve always wanted him to be able to receive services in Spanish and i was so glad when they offered this service to us. They took into consideration our heritage during his evaluation and that’s a A+++ in my book!! Jenny’s is an outstanding facility with great services and very knowledgeable therapists who very professional!! – L. Lazo-arballo

He’s made tremendous progress

I really can’t say enough good things about Jenny’s Speech and Learning Clinic. If you have a child with a speech delay, I strongly suggest you check it out. My son has been going there for speech therapy and guided language and music (GLAM) classes. He loves it and he’s made tremendous progress. The owner, Guy, is one of the nicest and most dedicated people you will ever meet. For days after an appointment with him, my son happily asks “see Guy?” when I pick him up from daycare. Maura, who teaches the GLAM classes, is absolutely wonderful as well. The kids all love her. My son left there this morning asking for “more music class.” It’s a fabulous place.- L. Surhio